Property Administration helps to Manage Property Administration and connects with society members, Service providers, Flat Owners and Tenants to Professionally managed your property with Quality Living and Proven Results.

Feature Highlights:

Flat data management
  • Central repository for all society members.
  • Name, flat details, contact details of all society members.
  • Owners and tenant details
Domestic Help Management
  • This feature will help you to add, update, search domestic help and services required.
  • Maintain Master data of verified servant, Maids, domestic help
  • Maintain charges of servant, maids and Service provider.
  • Update Feedback and review of domestic help to help others
  • Store verified legal documents like ID Proof, Address Proof, etc.
Complaint Management
  • Centrally Management of Complaints, Suggestions and Requests
  • Track Book, assign, updates and closer of complaints
  • Notify Book, update and closure status vai SMS and email
  • Auto Escalation notification
  • Generate reports on complaints
Visitor Tracking
  • Track time-in/timeout of all visitors
  • Notify visitor registration and in/out to the member
  • Print visitor pass
Facility Booking and Management
  • Book available facilities and amenities of society online.
  • Track booking status real-time
  • Cancel booking in case you change your mind
  • Automated invoice generation on acceptance of booking
  • Real-time Facility Calendar update
  • Variable Pricing for Tenant and non-society member
  • Discounted pricing for Society Member
  • Generate reports
Attendance Tracking
  • Maintain staff attendance register
  • Generates reports
Member Management dashboard
  • Details of all committee members.
  • Communication details, contact member available

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